About Heidi Jones

Ex Weather Anchor

A multifaceted New York City entrepreneur and fitness instructor, Heidi Jones is a longtime presence in the media sphere who leads streaming sites such as Sweat to Change and Fortë. Combining motivational insights from thought leaders such as Jen Widerstrom (The Biggest Loser), Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code) and Nicole Mejia with live and on-demand HIIT, core, and strength training, Heidi Jones’ platforms are designed to interactively motivate and inspire. Heidi directs the flow of camera angles, lighting and grooms on-camera talent.

Ms. Jones is also focused on filmmaking. She is currently working toward completion of Summit Squad: Trauma Unleashed, a full-length movie documenting the summit attempt of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the largest free standing mountain in the World. The film features three women who refuse to accept societal limitations, and who find creative ways to overcome life issues such as suicidal thoughts, homophobia, and familial sexual assault. The film has garnered the support of sponsors such as Go Pro, Whoop, Post Grape-Nuts, Hyperice and Rab Equipment.

Ms. Jones grew up playing basketball and excelled as a Division 1 runner throughout her time at Ball State University. She has competed in numerous marathons and has a passion for CrossFit, working out 6 to 7 days per week. Podcasts are a daily part of her life as she continues to be inspired by the stories of others.

Previously, Heidi Jones was recognized as the leading Broadcast Meteorologist in New York, USA.